Every year, 7 million hectares of tropical forest disappear (an area more than three times the Netherlands) and many northern forests suffer from degradation. Commercial irresponsible logging is one of the drivers behind forest degradation and deforestation. On the other hand, the use of timber products from demonstrable responsibly managed forests positively contributes towards well-balanced forests and goes against deforestation and forest degradation. In this context, Van Styn Rijnwoude has taken measures and strengthened the sourcing of products using sustainably sourced timber and will continue to strategically increase these, as laid out in this policy.

By implementing the Responsible Timber Sourcing Policy, Van Styn Rijnwoude facilitates the yachting industry in this change by supplying sustainably sourced products from well managed forests.


As supplier to the yachting industry, we recognise our responsibility to ensure that the timber products originate from legal and responsible sources. Van Styn Rijnwoude envisions that in the long term all timber products procured by Van Styn Rijnwoude are self-evidently FSC®-certified (C004783) or certified from other recognized sustainable sources.

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